Parenting Book Recommendations

Parenting Book Recommendations
We often get asked by fellow parents (and new parents) for a list of our most recommended parenting books. We thought we'd share them here (and update them as we gather more).

An Important Caveat: While we appreciate the perspectives in these books, we do not necessarily agree with everything in them.  We recommend reading a variety of books with different ideas in order to pick and choose those ideas you agree with most. 

Bringing Up Boys - a Christian-based book on how to raise boys
Children at Play - a book about the importance of child's play
Children Matter - a Christian-based book about the spirituality of children and how community has the power to shape it
Can't Buy My Love - a book bout how advertising affects the way we think and feel
Dare To Discipline - a Christian-based book on why discipline is so important and how to go about implementing it
Don't Make Me Count To Three!- a Christian-based book on why parents should expect immediate discipline from their children
Grace Based Parenting - a Christian-based book about giving grace to children (this book tends to offer a counter perspective to books like "To Train A Child")
Kidnapped - a book about the dangers of marketing to children
Last Child In The Woods - a book about how nature affects childrens' physical and emotional development
Montessori From The Start - a book jam-packed with great ideas on how to offer the Montessori-philosophy at home; this book encourages offering children more by giving children less
Parenting with Love and Logic - a parenting book that offers a discipline philosophy as well as practical tips for curbing behavior
Romancing Your Child's Heart - a Christian-based book about winning over your child's heart for Christ.
Shepherding a Child's Heart - a Christian-based book offering perspective to loving our children
Simplicity Parenting - a parenting book that encourages slowing the pace of life in order to help children flourish
So Sexy So Soon - a book about the commercialization and sexualization of children
The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nuture Family Connections: - a book with suggestions about how to bring simplicity and creativity into the home
The Duggars: 20 and Counting- a Christian-based book about the Duggar family; this tip-based book offers a few nice practical ways to train children in self-control and caring for others
To Train Up A Child - a Christian-based book about using consistent discipline to train (rather than punish) children
Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out - a book about the Waldorf educational philosophy