Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sticker Chart for Mom

If you saw how many charts and lists I have in my home and on my computer, you'd think I was *super* organized.  But the reality is I'm not...but I desperately want to be.

But I have to be creative with myself.  My well intended schedules easily become paper art for my refrigerator.  And my online calendar can get so junked up I can't figure out what's important and what's not.  But I find ways to keep myself focused.

I made Little Bear a sticker chart a few days ago.

Because he needs to brush his teeth I need to remember to help him brush his teeth.
And because he needs to be potty-trained I need to remind him to try on the potty more.

So, I made Little Bear myself a sticker chart a few days ago.
And it's working!

It goes like this...Mother wants child to be independent and get into good habits.  Child is motivated to be independent by praise and stickers.  Mother makes a sticker chart for child.  Child reminds mother to teach him good habits and how to be independent because he wants a sticker.  Mother, after being reminded, helps child accomplish items on the sticker chart.  Child is happy to receive praise and stickers.  Mother is happy to help child.  Mother and child get in a routine of child being independent and establish habits.  The sticker chart becomes irrevelant.  Repeat with new goals.

How I did it: I used a piece of poster board, markers and tape.  I found 50 cent stickers after Valentine's Day so I stocked up on his favorite movie character, Lightening McQueen (despite my disdain for Disney characters).  I wrote each item out so I could read it.  But I drew little pictures so he could "read" it on his own too. 

 An example of this in my own life is Little Bear's sticker chart.  This sticker chart lists a few tasks that I want Little Bear to do more of each day - things like brushing his teeth, trying on the potty, putting his clothes on and off independently.

After desperately trying to remember to remind Little Bear to do these things hroughout the day, I finally decided to make a chart, which I have placed on his door, that will help me remember the 5 (broken down into 8 individual) things I want to help him do daily.  These are things that are not already in our daily routine but things I wish were.

After a few days, I found that I didn't need the sticker chart anymore to help me remember to do these things.  The goal of the sticker chart was help us make new habits, which it did.  Whether or not we keep the sticker chart will really be whether or not Little Bear continues to want to do it.  Once he gets bored, I'm fine.  All I wanted was to train myself.

However, Little Bear has been trained too.  At first, I needed the sticker to motivate him.  Now, he just knows that's what I expect.  No longer do I put his clothes on for him.  Now, he does it himself out of habit.  We are almost there with brushing his teeth.  And we'll continue working on the potty training.

Once we have accomplished placing all five items in our routine, I will move to new goals.  It's too bad a need a sticker chart to help me.  But as a mother of two toddlers, where no day is exactly like the other, I reason...whatever works, do it!


  1. Even though you say you aren't organized, these charts say that you are. There are times when you wouldn't be able to say that you're organized. The readers here would definitely say that you are. Nice idea for motivating your Little Bear to be independent!

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