Friday, February 04, 2011

Preschool Montessori Activity: Playing With Rice

After I saw the success of the Pinto Bean Spooning Activity, I decided to try giving him rice next.  He *really* loved playing with rice!

I purchased an inexpensive bag of rice from the grocery store, gave Little Bear a spoon and a bowl.   He loved spooning the rice from the container to the bowl.  When he was done, he carefully poured the rice from the bowl into the container. (I keep all of my spooning activities in separate shoe boxes.  This keeps the rice/beans/etc from rotting and makes for easy storage/clean up.)

Later, when this activity became old, I played a game with him.  I hit a few random toys in the rice and allowed him to find them with his spoon or fingers.

Here are a few of the toys I did...mainly colorful plastic and wooden items.

He loved putting his fingers in the rice.

I was surprised about how well coordinated he could be with the rice.   Inevitably rice fell on the table and the floor but he stayed very focused for this activity, playing with it for about 30 minutes.  The nice thing about rice is it's super easy to clean up.

Little Bear asked if he could put his matchbox cars in the rice.  I finally agreed that he could do two cars at a time.  He really enjoyed that.  (Although, I did have to make sure to shake the cars out afterward to get rid of any rice hidden inside.)

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