Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Montessori Activity: Money In A Can

You'd think this activity wouldn't be interesting.  But every time a little one at our house plays with it, they become mesmerized by the feel, difficulty and sound of dropping money in a can threw a small whole.

It's an easy activity in which you need two things: money and a can (we use old baby formula cans).

It's best to use all sorts of sized coins.  We typically pull out Daddy's change can.

We poke two wholes on the top of the can's lid.  One hole is just for small coins like pennies, nickels and dimes.  The other hole is perfect for quarters.  This gives a bit of challenge to the activity for a toddler.

You can see Little Bears' frowed eyebrows in this picture.  There is something interesting about seeing a coin be pushed ever so carefully threw the lid to disappear to the bottom of the can with a "clunk!"

The nice thing about this activity is it can repeated as much as the child wants...and can be placed away for another opportunity in the future.

We consider this one of our "rainy day" activities as it's a fun thing to play with at the kitchen table while   Mom is cooking or working nearby.  We always stay nearby to prevent the exploration of the if-that-was-fun-what-happens-when-you-put-a-coin-in-your-mouth activity.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! My 18 month old had the experience of putting coins in a vending machine this weekend, and he was faschinated. For the last 9 months or so, he has been so interested in putting blocks in square holes, putting small lids in slots or in round holes, and the like. I know he'd like this thing, too! And in a few months, I think we'll be past putting things in the mouth phase! (it keeps getting better and better with each passign week!)