Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simplicity Sunday

If I ever thought living simply or slowing down my life was important or valuable, it takes a special needs child to remind me its necessary.

Today, my family and I got up on time, ate breakfast, got our showers/baths, got dressed (ironed our clothes) and loaded up in the car.  There were tears from both of the boys on and off all morning.  And there were a few tantrums.  Eventually, we found we were running late and began realizing we weren't going to be on time afterall.  This made my husband want to throw his own tantrum.  My throat hurt all morning since I have a bit of a head cold but nothing that seemed to be that big of a deal...until it all just added up to be too much.

Maybe it was Little Bear's tantrum in the car (his third this morning).  Maybe it was the stress of realizing that, again this morning, we weren't going to be able to put Baby Bear in the nursery since our nursery/workers isn't/aren't equipped to deal with his special needs.  Maybe it was the realization that we had already missed part of the service.  Or, maybe it was my own realization that I just didn't feel good. 

Whatever it was that sent us over the edge, it was enough for us to throw up the white flag and say, "let's re-evaluate this plan." 

Despite that we had just taken the exit from the freeway and were minutes from the front door of our church, we decided to return home.

It was the best decision we could have made.  And I am confident it was a faithfully spiritual one as well.

The reality was we were stressed...all four of us.  And while my husband and I had wanted to join our church community for the Sunday service, what we needed most was to refocus our family, to simplify our lives at that moment and come back to a place where peace overcame the chaos.

With our need to bring the stress down and my need to rest (I've later determined I do have a slight cold) but our desire to be together as a family, we decided to sit down and just be present with together something we don't do enough.

We value the Sabbath as being a day to rest and a day to reflect.  And I think we were best able to fulfill this value through our decision to stop the rat-race that we felt we were on (even if it was merely to go to church) and make a decision to slow down life.  God is a god of Peace and we were feeling quite opposite of that.  We were all completely disconnected with each other.  Our decision was to change that.

I'm calling today "Simplicity Sunday" - my effort to bring simplicity to our lives, particularly on Sundays.  Today was my first step towards making Sunday, the day in which we have set aside to worship our God, a day that is different from the rest.  Appropriately, I believe simplicity starts here.

Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.  Psalm 34:14

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