Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why I'm Choosing to Simplify

Can my child do more with less?

I'm in the process of simplifying our home enviroment, in hopes that I can give my children more room to develop into the people they were meant to be.

However, to do this means I am fighting against culture.  I'm fighting against a society that wants more faster and easier!  "The pace of our daily lives is increasingly misaligned with the pace of childhood," writes Kim John Payne in his book Simplicity Parenting.  

I want something more for my children.  I want them to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer, the love friendships provide and the quiet stillness their brains need to develop fully.  I want to keep them from premature and unnecessary stress and pressure.

I instinctively do that with my baby, of which society is relatively supportive.  But it's as though by three years old, children are expected to be able to make adult decisions and cope with adult issues.

Payne writes, "A protected childhood allows for the slow development of identity, well-being, and resiliency....By simplifying, we protect the environment for childhood's slow, essential unfolding of self."

I believe the home is a sort of "womb" for children.  It is my job to control their contact with the world - to protect them and nurture them throughout every part of their environment - until they are mature adults fully capable of facing the complexities of life.  I believe I can offer them this best through simplifying.

"Can my child do more with less?" this is the question I ask as I work towards simplification.

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