Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 year old activities

A friend with a four year old is looking for activities for her daughter.  As I gathered things for her, I decided to log them onto my blog for myself when Little Bear is bigger!

Most of these items are from the blog Chasing Cheerios, one of my favorites!

Spelling Words with Necklaces

The game of Blink (can be purchased at Target)

Escavating Items from Ice

Shaving Cream and Food Coloring Fun

Making Leaf People

Making a "Find It" Game - put beads, jewels and little plastic items in a sealed jar or plastic peanut butter jar to make your own game!

Learning Embroidery/Sewing

Create Sound Cylinders out of small sealed bottles

Creating an Art Jar full of art activities to do

Play "Whats that Sound" with random household objects and a blindfold

Make a Handmade Toss and Catch Toy

Alphabet Puzzle

Fun with Magnets

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