Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toddler "Things To Do Today" Chart

We just set up something new in Little Bear's room...something we hope will help him better understand/predict his day, as well as plan out what things he needs/wants to do.  In the dollar bin at Target, we found a chart holder (like the one you can find in classrooms everywhere). 

We took it and placed small cards (1/2 index card) each labeled with a daily activity.  We placed the cards in order (left to right/up to down) and stored the the extra cards around at the bottom.

We tried to come up with ever option possible: "Wake Up!," "Lunch," "Playground," "Friends House," "Letter Boxes" (an Montessori activity).

On each card, we drew a small picture next to the word since Little Bear cannot read yet.  Fortunately, when we presented it to Little Bear his eyes got big and he replied, "I wuv it!!  I wuv it!!"  We try to read it each day and sometimes, when Little Bear is bored, I'll go to the bored and show him what's next.  Somehow it motivates him to do what the card says, which is fabulous.  And eventually, when he is older, we will have him set out the cards for the day depending on what he wants to do!

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