Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toddler Math: 1 to 1 Correspondence Activity

I came across a pretty neat Montessori activity recently.  The goal is to teach 1 to 1 Correspondence - a fundamental mathematical concept.  Here's how it works: the child puts down all the cards and then places one included item on each card, teaching the child about one-to-one correspondence.  Little Bear doesn't necessarily quite understand that when you count, you count one item at a time.  So, this should be a helpful activity.

I bought 10 $.25/each plastic frogs and made 10 "lily pad" cards (1/2 index card).  Cost of game: $2.50.

I also bought 10 $.30/each plastic fish and made 10 cards of "water."  I tried to get different kinds of fish so that the activity would be really interesting (which it was - Little Bear's friend LOVED it!).  I think I may go back and change the cards from "water" cards to "fish bowls"...but that's for another day!

Here are some other inexpensive and easy Toddler Math Activities:


  1. He could also do grouping with the fish! Sorting by color or size.

  2. Great idea!! Thanks!