Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rethinking Montessori. Is it even possible to do at home??

I LOVE Montessori. 

But it's extremely hard to do at home given a few circumstances...

First, one must have money to buy the very beautiful but costly learning materials.

Second, one must be able to have an child-friendly accessible place to keep and store all of the learning materials. 
Third, one must have the time to teach, reteach and observe Montessori lessons - especially with the under 3 crowd.

Unfortunately, money is tight.  space is tight.  time is tight.  Um, it's not looking too good, is it?

So, for our family, I have come to the conclusion that my journey towards teaching Montessori at home might turn out to be no more than an effort to incorporate Montessori's ideas to our children's daily lives. 

I suppose I realize now that there is a reason Montessori schools are so expensive.  Montessori is amazing.  But also very costly to do.  And, with few friends in town who enjoy thinking about and teaching Montessori, I find my own interest for Montessori wanes when it comes to doing it full force. 

So, have I given up teaching my kids the Montessori way?  Nope.  But I have come to a very realistic understanding that if I'm really serious about my little ones learning via Montessori, I might be better served to get them into an actual Montessori School.

These challenges, however, do not keep me from still wanting to homeschool.  I think there are some awesome ways to homeschool, while incorporating the Montessori method.  I look forward to learning how to do so.

One thing that gets me really excited about homeschooling is looking at beautiful home school rooms.  I'd love to have a room dedicated to learning in my own home for my kids.  Here are some lovely rooms I love to look at:





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  1. I understand so much. I've had a difficult time assessing if I am really doing Montessori or just trying to do so. I feel discouraged sometimes when I realize how much better off DHH would be in a for real montessori young learners room... and then other times I feel so pleased that he does not have to leave our home to learn or go to child care... that we have the opportunity to be home with him!

    Keep on posting your ideas and efforts. Also, love some of those rooms! Have you seen this room? http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/look/look-rain-gutter-bookshelves-089974