Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Activities For Little Bear

Little Bear is only 3 months from 3 years old.  I feel like I am *just* now figuring what I'm doing with him during the day.  Free play is more and more boring for him.  So, I'm having to come up with planned activities.  Because I think of activity ideas throughout the day or at the store but never when I need something to do, I've decided to document my ideas here.  Also, with Baby Bear growing quickly, it won't be long before I return to this list to use for him as well!

2.5 year old activity ideas:
Lacing Beads
Cutting with Scissors
Sticking Golf Tees through Styrofoam
Water Table
Bowling with bottles of water and a ball
Bean Bags thrown in pots and pans
Stamps and washable ink
Playing in Rice
Making a snowstorm with glitter in a babyfood jar
Vinyl Placemat
Oatmeal can and tongue depressor
Coins in a Coffee Can
Spooning Lima Beans
Rice Tub
Spooning Lima Beans (need spoon, two bowls and beans)
Scrubbing Animals (need 3 buckets, plastic animals, a vegetable brush, soap)
Lining Up Things (need taped line, things)
Animal Pictures (picture, plastic animal)
Coins in a coffee can
Marbles and a Non-Skid Bathtub Thing
Tongue depressors in an oatmeal can
Balls and a Chute (shipping tube)

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  1. Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing! I am making mental notes...