Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ideas for Traveling

As Little Bear and Baby Bear are getting bigger, we have begun traveling more.  Here is a fabulous idea for traveling long distances.  I had to post this blog idea so I can find it when I'm ready to use it!

The Mary Poppins Bag

I particularly like the "Travel Time Line" idea:
Megan from "The Brassy Apple Blog" says, "Our Travel Time line will hang between the windows of your back seat and be a visual ROAD MAP from your beginning point to your final destination. Find a piece of string, yarn, ribbon, etc. She used Bias Tape and it
worked great!!!! Measure the width of your car - giving yourself a some extra slack room on each side and cut. Round up some clothespins, papers, markers, tape or glue. Pick out cities, monuments, large landmarks, etc along the route of your trip - evenly spaced away from each other if you can. Cut small pieces of paper or cardstock out and write these places on them. Tape or glue the paper to the clothespin. The amount of places you pick along the way depends on the length of your trip and the age of your children. Smaller children may need more while older ones may be able to wait longer inbetween. When you are ready to go you will roll down the windows a bit and slip in your string/ribbon on each side, pulling it tight so it will be straight and out of the way off passengers."

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