Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Threading Wooden Beads

I recently purchased a mat for Little Bear to do his work on.  He loved the idea.  He is the type of child who loves boundaries and finds it enjoyable to stay within them.  So, he loved keeping his body and work on his mat.


He recently found a use for the beads and thread he was given at Christmas.  Four months ago, he enjoyed looking at the wooden beads but couldn't do anything with them.

However, the other day, he picked them up and enjoyed learning how to thread the shoelace through the hole.  Once he did it himself he found it enjoyable to do it again and again. 

It was exciting to see what Montessori talks about the zone that children get in when they are learning.  He was incredibly engaged and blocked out anything going on outside of his activity.
We keep most of his Montessori materials in a clear box on a shelf in his room so he can see them.  These boxes are purchased at Target and are easy for little fingers to open and close - as well as put away.

I caught a smile during his work.  He enjoyed identifying the beads' colors.  Eventually, he will be able to also identify their shape.

Little Bear was truly refreshed after doing his work.  It was such an exciting thing to watch.  It renewed my excitement in using Montessori.

Little Bear did well with this activity at 2 years/4 months.  
My goals were:
* fine motor skills
* using a mat
* sequencing
* learning colors

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  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    What neat activities ideas! I just found your website through Simplicity Parenting and am really enjoying it. =)