Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Toddler Montessori Activity: Transferring Rice into Buckets

In an effort to offer some Montessori tactile learning, I recently set up Little Bear with a bucket full of rice.  I gave him two buckets, actually, so he could transfer the rice from one to another.  And, I gave him two smalll scoops.  I placed him on a mat (as recommended by Montessori) so he could better determine his work space.  He did a nice job staying on the mat, despite the fact that rice still went everywhere.  Little Bear totally loved playing in the rice.  He loved to feel it between his fingers. 

As matter of fact, after the "transferring" part got old, he began to put his hands in it.  Then his arms.  Then, his belly button (as seen here).  When he realized he couldn't actually get his belly button in the bucket, he sat down, grabbed a bunch of rice and began bringing it towards his belly button.  Because I knew this was an activity that must be supervised, I caught him just before it went on his belly button and on the floor.  It was still pretty funny to see, though.  

The rice was very easy to vaccuum up.  At first, I was disappointed at the mess he made.  But then I remembered that he just turned two.  He should have better hand and eye control with this activity at three.

My goals with this activity were:
* tactile learning
* transferring
* hand/eye coordination
* listening/obeying the rules
* staying on his mat

Little Bear did well with this activity at 2 years/3 months.

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