Friday, February 12, 2010

Toddler Montessori Activity: Placing Marbles on Golf Tees

Little Bear really enjoyed this activity.  It consists of using the $4 Cracker Barrel game (place golf tees in the holes of a wooden triangle piece) and a bag of marbles.

I gave Little Bear two baskets: one for the marbles and one for the golf tees and wooden triangle piece.  These baskets help keep the materials from going everywhere.

Once he had put the golf tees and wooden triangle piece together (a Montessori activity he mastered by 18 months), I asked him to place the marbles on the golf tees.

Little Bear has played with this game several times.  Each time he plays, he becomes more and more interested in the marbles themselves.  This makes me happy as "enjoyment of the materials" is in itself a Montessori concept.  We talked about how the marbles are smooth, made of glass and made of many colors.  He recognizes the orangle color of the marble in this picture.

Little Bear did well with this activity at 2 years/3 months.  
My goals were:
* fine motor skills
* experience with new materials

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