Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Place For Things

The Montessori method highly values providing order and encouraging independence in the child.  Here are two ways I have established that in Little Bear's bedroom: with his shoes and with his coat.

Little Bear's Shoe Basket.  He knows how to tuck his socks in his shoes and put his shoes away on his own.
I purchased this basket at Walmart but just a few bucks. 

It really helps Little Bear know where to put his shoes.  He gets the sense of accomplishment.  I get a sense of knowing his things are put away in their right place!

Little Bear's shoe basket sits on the floor to the left of his lamp.  His coat hangs on his closet door to the right of that.

I hung an inexpensive easily-removable hook to his door at his height on which to hang either his sweater or coat.

He does a great job hanging up his jacket.  So much so that he likes to leave his room cheering for himself, "yeah!!"

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