Friday, February 05, 2010

The discipline of handholding.

"If we want them to be on their feet and walking on their own as such as possible, we need to consider how to manage this when we are in public places both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoors it is a matter of safety. When we are getting out of cars, crossing public parking lots and streets, or walking on busy sidewalks, it is tempting to pick young children up and carry them to our destination. We recommend a different solutions. Take your child firmly by one hand so that she must walk by your side, holding your hand."

"This is a habit of discipline that should be established as early as possible for several reasons. Paramount is safety....A second reason has to do with the child's developing will. Asking the child to hold our hand for short periods in public places is an opportunity to help her accept necessary limits in her life. When indoors, compliance is more a matter of learning manners than safety, but it is no less important. The habit of "indoor manners," consisting of quiet voices and no running about, helps young children to develop awareness of their environment and respect for other people."

- Quote by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen, authors of Montessori From The Start

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