Monday, July 20, 2009

Top Baby Items/Toys That Were The Best Use of My Money

There are many items that we have bought or received as gifts that I have more than once said, "that is worth every penny spent!" So that I wouldn't forget these items when giving advice to friends, I thought I would make a master list. This list may not be the same list another mother might come up with - since everyone's needs and values are different - but, I hope this list will be helpful to others - as well as myself in the future!

Top Baby Items/Toys That I Consider Were The Best Use of My Money
* Umbrella Stroller ($19.99) - perfect for quick trips to the store

* Sound machine ($19.99)
- Keeps baby soothed and outside noise down when baby is sleeping

* Putamayo Kids CD's ($13.99 each) - Fabulous music from around the world give baby exposure to new sounds while mom can enjoy the music too!

* Pacifer Clips ($8.00-10.00) - wonderful for keeping the pacifer off the floor and within reach of baby

* Small Individual plastic boxes ($2.50 each) to keep and organize small toys (i.e. blocks. crayons, magnetic letters, etc.)

* Set of Cloth Bibs from Babies'R'Us (10-Pack for $11.99) - excellent price, nice thickness, works for baby or toddler, machine washable!!

* The Cracker Barrel Golf Tee Triangle Game ($4.00) - perfect for 18 months and developing fine motor skills

* Fisher Price Jumperoo ($100) - we borrowed this from a friend but our little one used it much ALOT of time between the ages of 7-12 months; would highly recommend

* Baby In Sight Mega Mirror ($10) - this stayed in our car from the moment baby was born until he was able to be turned around in his car seat; provided reassurance that baby was ok even when crying

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