Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tweenage Dora

Dora the Explorer Updates Her Look; Middle School-Age Dora Has Some Parents Concerned

This makes me sick.

Yes, she is a corporate created character and simply an opportunity for children's marketing.

But there was something innocent and sweet about Dora that made me less annoyed than let's say the Disney princesses or PowerRangers.

She offered an appreciation for Spanish and English and seemed to win the hearts of preschoolers everywhere. And although I shield my toddler from watching TV, Dora might have been one or two of the children's programming I could have considered safer.

And right when the young children are hooked and the parents are vulnerable, they are about to do a bait and switch...preparing to roll out a new Dora - a teenage Bratz-like, sexy Dora.

No more short hair and shorts. Now it's long hair and a skirt.

Makes me so sad: Not to loose Dora. But to loose innocence.

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