Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Toddler Board Book Review: Big Little by Leslie Patricelli

One of my very favorite toddler board books is a simple book by Leslie Patricelli. There are very few words to read (easy for a baby to listen to) and darling pictures to look at (for momma and baby to enjoy).

This colorful book goes like this, "Ladies are BIG. Ladybugs are LITTLE. Adults are BIG. Babies are LITTLE. Trucks are BIG. Trikes are LITTLE..., etc."

Other books like this include: "Quiet Loud," "Yummy Yucky," and "No No Yes Yes."

And for those of us who always love an opportunity to teach simple Spanish words to our developing Language Sponges, there is also "Grande Pequeno" and "Silencio Ruido".

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