Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teaching about God through the Montessori Method

A few years ago, I discovered a fabulous children's church educational program called "Godly Play." It sounded like such a fabulous way to teach Bible lessons and about Jesus.

And after attending a Godly Play training, I was even more elated to hear the Godly Play method came directly from the Montessori Method:

"The use of Montessori’s approach to education has been adapted to Godly Play in order to stimulate children’s active participation in story and ritual and to awaken their creativity for the learning of the language, sacred stories, parables, liturgical action and silence of the Christian tradition. This is the most appropriate kind of language to cope with the existential limits to our being and knowing."

While there are many churches that offer the Godly Play program for children 5-12 (which I hope Little Bear and his future siblings will get a chance to attend), I plan to buy the books and some of the materials to use with my own children when they are old enough.

My favorite part about Godly Play is the structure, the focus on the Bible stories, use of beautiful materials and the seriousness it gives towards children's connection to God.

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