Sunday, January 04, 2009

"Christian" Barbies

I don't mean to be "picking" on Christian toys. But when you sell something in the name of God, I think it's even more important to be responsible with your advertising. I don't believe these "God's Girlz" do that.

Here's what the item description says:
"Here’s a fashion doll you can feel good about! God’s Girlz are modest and fashionable 12″ posable dolls. Each doll sports a Kerusso t-shirt with a Christian saying on it, and accessories that’ll provide hours of thoughtful play. Sarah’s name means “Princess,” and she really is a princess because her Father is the King of Kings! She loves dancing and praising God. Recommended for ages 4 to 8."

I don't care what they are named, I don't believe these dolls are any different from Barbies. Fortunately, they have a less pretenious facial expression and more clothes on than Bratz, but overall they aren't much different from them either. (Notice "Girlz" is spelled just like in Bratz")

This doll is described like this:
"Abigail's name means "God of Joy". God's Girlz are modest, yet fashionable, and packed with meaningful content designed to encourage thoughtful play."

I looked closer to find what "meaningful content" that might "encourage thoughtful play" that they were talking about. The "meaningful content" are the Bible verses and Christian phrases on the box that are supposed to influence your child as she plays with the cardboard the doll came in (or the Kerusso t-shirt she is wearing).

P.S. A post on the company Kerusso is coming soon!


  1. lol really funny, I didn't know they were making "christian dolls". Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the photos and information about the God's Girlz series.

    These dolls are like "Bratz Find Salvation - Sort of."

    One2Believe has 12" dolls that represent various Biblical figures, including Jesus and Mary. (Don't know how well doll representatives of Jesus and Mary would sit with some parents; they also have Noah and Esther and other figures.) The Tales of Glory dolls are broader than Barbie and Ken, but they strike me as closer to the "Christian doll" description than the God's Girlz dolls. Not that God's People don't come in all shapes and sizes ;-D

    Link for the 12" Tales of Glory dolls is