Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Bear's New Montessori Shelf

We purchased a small "Montessori" shelf for Little Bear the other day. I say it's "Montessori" only because it seems to fit the requirements of the Montessori method: made from good quality all-natural material, serves as a place for the child's work, stands at the child's height and is only as deep as the child can reach.

As soon as we purchased his little shelf (which I found at our local unfinished wood shop) and placed Little Bear's toys on it, he took right to it. He loved that it was perfect for him. Since then, he has placed with his toys much more.

We hope in a few months, as he is ready, we will be able to teach him to put away his toys in their place as well.

Little Bear is leaning against his small stool (which I got from PaintedJewels). He loves using his small stool as a chair. I have hung his diaper bag and jacket on his closet door knobs. I hope to purchase some lower knobs soon so Little Bear can hang up his own coat. At this point, the closet door knobs will do.

I really liked that I was able to place the shelf under his room window. It allows him to see out into the street and watch the birds and squirrels (since this picture, I did take down my blinds - see why here).

I have collected several great wooden toys including a puzzle, a stacking toy and toy that offers different holes for different shapes. I'd like to find a non-plastic basket for his board books. However, he's so rough on baskets (as he likes to play with them), that for now, this is best.

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