Sunday, December 14, 2008

Secret Boxes

I am a teacher at heart. I'm also a collector of things. I have started collecting things - always small things - that I think Little Bear will one day enjoy.

From what I know about children, they love secrets and they love little things. So, I've created a box that I hope Little Bear and I can come visit every once in a while. I hope to continue to add secret treasure regularly.

[A small colonial "stamp" with a wax stick to open someday.]

This little wooden box, which still needs to be stained, includes memoribilia from recent trips Daddy Bear and I have taken recently on. Inside is a little bag of seashells, a leather ball, items from our Colonial Williamsburg trip and some replica pirate coins. At this point, I'm calling this box our "Learning Treasure Box."

I've tried to put each item inside a small plastic or cloth bag. It's so fun to open one thing and find another hidden thing inside.
I hope, as Little Bear grows, he will begin collecting treasures to put inside as well.Little Bear is too young to enjoy this box or its' treasures yet. But it is wonderfully exciting to add to it and to dream of the day we will open it together!

I also have created a special box just for Little Bear's treasures: A flag from when he met the Vice President of the United States, his first birthday candle, some goodies from his baptism, etc.
I love the idea of small boxes and even smaller goodies hidden away inside.

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