Saturday, November 29, 2008

Parents' desperate plea: No more ads for toys

MSNBC.COM: Parents' desperate plea: No more ads for toys

This article caught my eye tonight. I'm in 100% agreement. Stop advertising to children.

Although I think the Toy Industry Association's response: that children "are a vital part of the gift selection process." According to the article, they said, "If children are not aware of what is new and available, how will they be able to tell their families what their preferences are?"

The article says one industry expert contends that advertising to children is good for them because they find out marketing can disappoint:

"It teaches, for very low stakes, how to navigate in our consumer culture," he said."They are going to have to spend the rest of their lives listening to every kind of marketing approach, and childhood is where they will learn to cope with it."

You've got to be kidding! Childhood is where they learn to trust. I don't consider childhood a time to teach them that people out in the world are there to rip them off.

Now I understand these corporate executives in no way have my child's best interest at heart (only their bottom line) but PULEEEEZ people! Children are to be protected and cared for. They are not consenting adults and should not be considered to be. While parents love to hear children's wishes for what they want to do, eat and play with - they don't need advertisers to show them "what is out there". That is a parent's job - not yours, Mr. Advertiser.

However, it's also not Mr. Advertiser's job to keep children from watching TV or going into the toy store. It's mine, my child's parent.

I wish the corp execs would care more for our country's children. But this doesn't surprise me. That's why I try to keep the TV off.

On that note, check this out:

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