Saturday, November 29, 2008

Little Bear's Shining Learning Moment Today

Little Bear did two things today that I have loved getting to watch:

1.) As usual, after letting him down from his crib, he walks to the back corner of his room to grab two puzzle pieces (mind you, it's always two - one for each hand). And usually, it *seems* the pieces are always very similar - like a K and an X. But I keep thinking I'm probably just making that part up. ...until I watched today... Little Bear picks up a K and a W. Then, he looks around as though he's searching. He puts down the K and picks up the M. M and W..or W and W or M and M. Practically the same piece. He's 12 months. Do 12 month olds know about similar and difference? Little Bear seems intuitively to do so. Either that or he's already OCD! (He's walking around now with a ribbon in each hand.)

2.) Today we played on the floor with some of his Montessori-like toys. He is finally getting the "put it in the hole" idea. But I really enjoyed when he put one of his little cube blocks inside the measuring cup he had. He laied on his back and shook the measuring cup, making a rattle out of it. He enjoyed it so much that when it fell out, he tried it again. It was hard because there is a convex and a concave side to the measuring cup. But after trial and error, he got it to work. This reminds me that when you give a child the right toys, the "Montessori method" sometimes just happens on it's own.

Here are a few other things we've enjoyed lately:
He's enjoying crawling *under* and *between* things. Yesterday when Daddy Bear and I standing up and embracing (I had been mad at him and he was apologizing), we felt Little Bear at our feet. This isn't so unusual since he likes to be where we are. But next thing I know, Little Bear is crawling OVER our feet and BETWEEN Daddy Bear's and my legs. It was so distracting, we had to just stop, look down at our feet and laugh. What a jungle gym we must have been for a one-year old!

For the first time that we know of, he's begun to understand what we're saying. He knows how to wave when you say, "Say bye-bye." This is sort of a big deal for me since Little Bear has shown himself a tad bit behind on his language than some of his girl friends of the same age. I know this is "normal" but it still helps to know his language is developing too.


  1. That is really awesome that he finds the similar letters. I'm really not sure Chloe would do that (or ever want

    It really is extraordinary how differently children develop. Chloe's speech is great, but her gross motor is still "lacking" compared to her boy cousin and friends. I know there are exceptions, but it seems that boys get the gross motor stuff quicker and girls get the language quicker. Its really kid of weird, huh?

  2. It is kinda weird how different girls and boys are. I don't see how you can argue that there is no difference in sex. I can already see it!