Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Santa...Gimme

This is what I saw on a little girl's t-shirt tonight at the mall: "Dear Santa...Gimme."

As soon as I read the shirt on the girl, I looked at her mother. The shirt is more of a reflection of her mom, than of her - albeit, clothing can speak volumes about someone.

I immediately thought about the conversation that might have happened over the shirt. Did the mom think it was funny, fitting or simply benign?

And then I wondered, "how can you buy your daughter a shirt with such a strongly selfish message and expect that your child will grow to have a thankful and gracious spirit?"

I don't want to judge the mother in any way. It's likely she has no idea the impact or effect the shirt might have on her daughter or on others who see it on her.

But I do wonder how much thought parents put into dressing their children. I probably spend too much time thinking about it with mine own.


  1. Oh, Mama Bear, I am so with you on this one! I am VERY picky about what I allow Chloe to wear. She has a shirt that says, CUTE, that I am very leery of letting her wear. Even before Chloe was born I was informing the grandparents and friends to never buy her clothes that shout "BRATTY, SELFISH KID" - lol.

  2. I know. I've made sure everybody knows - please don't give Little Bear anything with writing on it. But even though I'm not a fan of the "Grandma Loves Me" or "Call 1-800-Grandma" if people give it to him, I can deal with it. But "Don't mess with me" or "I'm spoiled" on a tshirt will not be worn. :)