Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today is the first day of Advent. We have several traditions in our house. One of our newest one is our Advent calendar.

(Now, on a side note, this isn't exactly an Advent calendar since it only offers the 30 calendar days in December but nonetheless...)

Daddy Bear and I have been searching high and low for some small goodies to stick in the doors of our Advent Calendar. We have a Christmas tree, Drum, Santa, Christmas wreath, and a few more random Christmas things. But we'd love to have parts of a nativity scene inside. We are especially looking for a "Baby Jesus" for the top door. (Let me know if you know where I can find one.)

Little Bear is too young to enjoy these little prizes yet but we hope he will enjoy them in a few years (at this point, he'd just try to eat them).

Here is a picture of the first few days of the calendar. Each day we will open a door to reveal the goody inside. The top door is the 25th - the most important day in Advent. At this point we have a beautiful glittery star. It's the place holder until we can find the Baby Jesus.

We hope to use this calendar one day to teach Little Bear about anticipation. Just as he will anticipate the coming of Christmas through the opening of these little doors, we all anticipate the coming of our Christ (both metaphorically and in a real sense).

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